Drape Collection by Christopher Stuart

September 27, 2017

Cool Draper

Drape Collection by Christopher Stuart

Christopher Stuart, our favourite American master of sleek and sculptural forms, has launched an alluring collection of furniture at the London Design Fair.

The uniquely sensual shapes of the Drape chair and shelf are made with fibreglass "digitally draped" using CAD software, designed to mimic the effect of a silky fabric draped over a chair or a shelf.  The results are surprisingly tactile and inviting, oddly organic and futuristic at the same time.

Drape Collection by Christopher StuartDrape Collection by Christopher StuartDrape Collection by Christopher StuartDrape Collection by Christopher StuartDrape Collection by Christopher StuartDrape Collection by Christopher Stuart


Christopher Stuart

Constructs and Glitches Collection by Christopher Stuart

U Bench by Luur

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Product Inspiration

For sculptural furniture with an organic vibe try the Fjord armchair from Moroso, the Toadstool sofa from Missana and the Baobab side table from Moustache.
Fjord Armchair   Toadstool Sofa   Baobab Coffee Table


The Hive suspension light from Graypants looks beautifully organic but is in fact made from recycled corrugated cardboard using precision laser cutting technology.  We also like the simple, sculptural shape of the Material pendant from New Works, especially in natural materials such as terracotta or cork.  The Dusk Dawn table lamp from Ghidini 1961 also looks equally sculptural and organic.

 Scraplight Hive Suspension Light  Material Pendant - Cork  Dusk Dawn Table Lamp


We love the organic yet sculptural shapes of the Sula carafes from Incipit, the Core candle from Andrej Urem and the Pierre coat hanger from Moustache.

Sula Carafe   Core Candle  Pierre Wooden Coat Hanger

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