Art Advisory

Art Advisory

Helping art investors navigate the art world

Our Services

  • Visiting together with you or on your behalf art galleries, auctions
    previews, fairs and other art gatherings
  • Constantly researching the next right work for you
  • Purchasing and commissioning
  • Lead negotiations over private sales
  • Act as your representative at auctions
  • Source private off-market purchases
  • Complete all pre-sale due diligence
  • Handle all legalities of acquisition
  • Full after-sale services: shipping, installation, displaying, cataloguing & insurance, conservation, loaning out and eventual re-sale of art
  • Guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality - Offer precise, market driven valuations
How It Works

How It Works

Excellence in advising stems from attentive listening.

Everything starts by listening carefully in order to understand your needs, your taste, passions, interests and aspirations.

These are the 2 simple steps:

1)  Preliminary meeting
2)  Producing and signing a clear document stating your requirements, your expectations, your interests, your budget, the services kindly required by you, any other agreements and our fees

We are now working for and with you: we are both on the same side.

Our Different Approach

Our Different Approach

It is standard practice here in the U.K. for some advisors to hold inventory, act as private dealers, or accept additional compensation - from artists, vendors, and galleries. 

We absolutely refuse this approach, which creates a conflict of interest.

Our approach is radically different:

We follow and respect a more American code of ethics: first and foremost an Art Advisor should only serve the needs of their clients. Honesty and full transparency towards our client is paramount.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

For all the services we provide, we act as if we were you. We apply the same care, love, attention, due diligence and economic interest as if we were acting for ourselves.

Your interest is our interest. We work for you and with you.

Ultimately, Art has to make you happy: and whatever makes you happy, makes us happy as well!

Our aim is to build a long lasting relationship, ensuring that the dynamics of your collection accurately reflects your vision.



We apply a 10% commission on the purchase (or sale) price up to and including £1 million; 5% of amounts in excess of £1 million up to and including £5 million and 2% of any amounts in excess of £5 million.

Crucially: we negotiate prices and discounts entirely in your favour, therefore our commissions are calculated on the prices after any negotiated discount.

If the commission structure does not suit you, we are happy to discuss other forms of remuneration such as: hourly rates or monthly salary or a combination of all the above.

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