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World of Material Contrasts at Dooq

Posted: September 12 2018 in Sculptural

Lisbon-based design brand Dooq has steered away from traditional Portuguese furniture design by creating a collection of furniture that thrives on unexpected contrasts in styles, shapes and materials.

Design Tableware by Ryan L Foote Design Studio

Posted: August 29 2018 in Sculptural


Designed to titillate and delight, these ceramic masterpieces by Melbourne-based designer, artist and chef Ryan L Foote are sure to elevate humble meals into culinary extravaganzas.

Stimulating Forms by Tijs Gilde

Posted: July 19 2018 in Sculptural

In a world increasingly dominated by all things digital, Tijs Gilde's focus has been to create objects with striking forms and colours to strengthen our connections with the physical world.  

The Bach Family House by Cymon Allfrey Architects

Posted: June 27 2018 in Sculptural

How to combine outdoor living with the need for privacy? The answer, according to Christchurch-based Cymon Allfrey Architects, is to build a cluster of three wood cabins around a communal courtyard.

Dragon Calligraphy Furniture by Chulan Kwak

Posted: June 20 2018 in Sculptural

 Traditional Chinese calligraphy is a revered art form which has long been celebrated in paintings, books and graphic design.  We can now add furniture to this list thanks to Korean designer Chulan Kwak.

Sculptural Masterpieces at Sight Unseen Offsite

Posted: May 23 2018 in Sculptural

 The Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition in New York is a great place to spot exciting new contemporary design and this year's edition is no exception.

Furniture Collection by Jonas Lutz

Posted: May 17 2018 in Sculptural

 It takes a designer with a special talent to create stunning sculptural forms with simple materials. Rotterdam-based product designer Jonas Lutz clearly has it. 

New Collections by Earnest Studio

Posted: May 11 2018 in Sculptural

 Earnest Studio has launched a collection of products at the Salone Satellite in Milan which stood out for their sculptural quality and graphic simplicity.