Tarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & Associates

April 11, 2018

Architect of Arches

Tarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesPopularised by the ancient Romans and a mainstay of classical architecture, there are few architectural features as dramatic, imposing and graceful as the humble arch.  It remains relevant today, for example as a way to inject drama and dynamism, as architect Hata Tomohiro demonstrates to great effect in this charming house in Kobe in Japan.

This long, thin house is in a city centre location on a sloping site.  Even though the slope had been levelled, the architect wanted to create the impression that the inhabitants are living on a slope.  The solution is a structure based on rectangular volumes of different sizes, stacked on top of each other like a pyramid.  This offers interesting possibilities for organising the internal space as well as connecting the indoor and outdoor areas as rooms lead onto terraces in a seamless flow.  Elegant arches are used throughout the building to frame the openings and provide a visual connection for the various levels, resulting in a house which feels uplifting and very much in tune with the landscape.

Tarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & AssociatesTarumi House by Hata Tomohiro Architect & Associates


Hata Tomohiro Architect & Associates

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The multi-level look of the Tarumi house also works well for furniture, especially shelving systems such as the Anywhere shelves from Korridor Design, the Longlegs shelves from Frederik Roije and the Assemblage from Seletti.
Anywhere 2 x 2 (5 Shelves V.2)   Longlegs Five Tables   Assemblage Bookshelf - 8 Modules


Organic shapes would look great amongst the graceful arches.  Try the Scraplight Hive suspension light from Graypants, the Cape pendant light from Moustache and the Air table light from LZF.

Scraplight Hive Suspension Light   Cape Pendant Light   Air Table Light


For accessories, go for the graceful curves with the Portrait with Birdie wall mirror from Ghidini 1961, the Concrete Cloud toilet paper holder from Lyon Beton and the Echasse vase from Menu.

Portrait with Birdie   Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf - Small   Echasse Vase in Smoked Glass

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