The Craft of Thread Wrapping by Anton Alvarez

February 14, 2017

It's a (Beautiful) Wrap

The Craft of Thread Wrapping by Anton AlvarezThe Craft of Thread Wrapping is an ongoing project by Swedish Chilean designer Anton Alvarez to create objects using different materials bound with colourful glue-coated threads.

Having pioneered this intriguing production method, the designer then built a machine which could spin and wind multiple spools of thread at high speed.  He used it to wrap bits of wood, plastic and metal together to form artistic installations as well as functional objects such as lights, chairs and benches.  We can't think of a more colourful way to recycle old materials.

The Craft of Thread Wrapping by Anton AlvarezThe Craft of Thread Wrapping by Anton AlvarezThe Craft of Thread Wrapping by Anton Alvarez


Anton Alvarez

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Product Inspiration

Go for bright colours and sculptural shapes to create a memorable design scheme.  Start with a statement sofa, such as the Toadstool from Missana, add a playful touch with the Meduse side tables from Casamania and complete the look with a colourful Bold bench from Moustache.

Toadstool Sofa   Meduse Coffee Table - Low   Bold Bench - Forest Green


We love the playfulness of the Lampscapes suspension light from Frederik Roije and the Moto wall light from Moustache.  For something equally sculptural but in a simpler shape try the Dancing pendant light from Menu.

Lampscapes Suspension Light 5 Peaks  Moto Wall Light with Plug   Dancing Pendant Light


Accessories is a great way to add a dash of colour to any interior space.  Inspired by the thread-wrapping designs of Anton Alvarez?  Check out the Fish Design bowl from Corsi, which is made from strands of flexible resin.  For a more delicate touch try the Sunset vases from Incipit or the Double Flash necklace from Eleanor Bolton.

Fish Design Spaghetti Bowl - Blue   Sunset Vase   Double Flash Necklace Navy - Yellow

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