Fish Design Spaghetti Bowl - Blue

The 'Fish Design' collection has been created by the famous architect, artist and designer Gaetano Pesce (La Spezia, 1939) for Corsi.

His Spaghetti bowl, made from resin, has now become a part of a historical collection from 1995. These incredibly wonderful masterpieces are all hand-made and unique, therefore there will be slight variations in each design.

Gaetano Pesce studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Venice where he conducted research into serial and kinetic art. In 1962 he began working in the fields of interior and furniture design. These were the years of the inflatable series for Cassina and Busnelli. He moved to New York in 1983, conducting intensive teaching and design work in the architectural field as well as designing furniture and accessories. He is a leading exponent of experimental design and a great expert in the handling of plastic materials.

Andrea Corsi established Corsi Design Factory in 2007. After discovering the world of design during years of collaboration with leading companies such as Cassina and Alias, Corsi explores since 2003 the handcraft reality with Fish Design by Gaetano Pesce. Corsi Design Factory is a new entity, open to designers that are looking for an environment where the 'hand made culture' is re-interpreted with contemporary new generation materials. Corsi Design factory is a space in which an artistic culture is merged with excellent manual skills and a place where the whole production process is being carefully controlled. From concept to commercial and trade events, Andrea Corsi and his team, all young artists and carftsmen graduated from Accademia di Brera and Politecnico di Milano, get in touch with designers, retailers and the end users.

  • Designed by the Italian architect, artist and designer Gaetano Pesce
  • Material: Resin
  • Hand-made and unique

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