Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000

August 29, 2017

Madame Butterfly

Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000

Located on the dramatic coast just off the mythical Highway 1 near Carmel, the location of the Serenity house is rather hard to beat.  The house itself is pretty special too, designed by architect Wallace E Cunningham with sweeping curves and swooping arches, a beautifully organic and sculptural structure which frames the stunning view perfectly.

What the agent says: "Architecturally shaped like a butterfly, the ocean dances below the home, rainbows of light twirl through the glass walls, and the majesty of nature embraces your soul upon arrival.  The home is alive with ocean drama, swaying cypress trees, quiet sunrises, and flamboyant sunsets. Estate evokes spirituality with the movement of nature all around, creating an ambiance of tranquility."

What we love:
The amazing views, needless to say.  The house itself has a delicate lightness which suits its location perfectly.

What we would do:
Imagine adding an infinity pool with the views of the ocean as a backdrop...

The Serenity house at 243 Highway 1, Carmel is marketed by Sotheby's International Realty.  Prices and details correct as at 25 August 2017.

Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000Serenity House in Carmel: USD 11,900,000


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Wallace E Cunningham Architects

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