Geometric Pastries by Dinara Kasko

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Geometric Pastries by Dinara Kasko

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, such as the kitchen of Ukranian patisserie artist Dinara Kasko.

Trained as an architect, Dinara has an eye for form and a penchant for flavour, twin passions which she happily combines to create beautifully sculptural cakes and desserts.  Some of her extraordinary creations, which include heart shapes with geometric facets and a stunning cube made of bubbles, are made using silicone moulds designed by herself with the help of 3D printing technology.  These mouthwatering treats are perfect for design-obsessed gourmands.

Geometric Pastries by Dinara KaskoGeometric Pastries by Dinara KaskoGeometric Pastries by Dinara KaskoGeometric Pastries by Dinara Kasko


Dinara Kasko

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Product Inspiration

Beautifully sculptural cakes such as those from Dinara require beautifully sculptural tables, such as the Element small table from Desalto, the Crystall coffee table from Coedition and the Baobab coffee table from Moustache.
Element Small Table   Cristall Coffee Table  Baobab Coffee Table


These beautifully sculptural lights look as wonderful when they are switched off as when they are lit: the Dandelion suspension light from LZF, the Skylight Tower table light from Frederik Roije, and the Kizu table light from New Works.

Dandelion Suspension Light    Table Tower Table Light    Kizu Table Lamp


Make a real design statement with sculptural accessories such as the There (Push Pin) candle holder from Ghidini 1961, the Belle cake stand from Incipit and the Core candle from Andrej Urem.

There (Push Pin) Candlestick   Belle Cake Stand / Container   Core Candle