Ceramic Furniture by Eny Lee Parker

June 23, 2017

Terracotta Style

Ceramic Furniture by Eny Lee Parker

Savannah, Georgia based Korean-Brazilian designer Eny Lee Parker's love for terracotta goes far beyond the odd planter and carafe.

Her furniture and lighting collections, shown most recently at the Sight Unseen Offsite in New York, feature elegant glass-topped tables and sculptural table lights using outsized terracotta pots as bases.  These are teamed with green velvet upholstered armchairs and a vanity table with spindly metal legs to create a sumptuous look that feels organic and sculptural in equal measures.

Ceramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee ParkerCeramic Furniture by Eny Lee Parker


Eny Lee Parker

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Sculptural Style

Product Inspiration

Go for bold colours and standout shapes to create your own eye-catching design scheme.  Try the Bold bench from Moustache, the Ara armchair from Missana and the Mini Clay tables from Desalto.

Bold Bench - Forest Green   Ara Armchair With Side Table   Mini Clay Table - H 45 cm


Make a bright impact with these super sculptural lights, including the Dancing pendant light from Menu, the Orbit wall light from LZF and the Kizu table lamp from New Works.

Dancing Pendant Light   Orbit Wall Light   Kizu Table Lamp


Create a design statement with ceramic accessories such as the Ooga Booga coat hanger from Moustache, the Big Bloom vase from Sena Gu and the Moai vases from Incipit.

Ooga Booga Ceramic Coat Hanger   Big Bloom Vase   Moai Vase

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