New Contemporary Classics

Future-proof your decor with our selection of contemporary furniture and lighting that are destined to become future classics. From elegant, timeless designs to bold new creations, these are products that will stand the test of time and which you will fall in love with over and over again.


The Gentry Sofa from Moroso is the epitome of a design classic. Designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2011, it is an elegant contemporary riff on traditional sofas. The Gentry oozes chic with its subtle curves and it looks especially attractive when upholstered in Moroso's exclusive chunky knit fabric. The Hug Curved Sofa from Collector is all about curves, a comforting, organic shape designed to hug the user in a warm embrace. The unusual doughnut-shaped configuration feels like a 1970s style conversation pit, brought up-to-date in a timeless, sleek style. For the ultimate in louche comfort the Nebula Nine Sofa from Diesel Living is hard to beat. Its iconic floppy cushions practically beg you to sink into it, and we don't blame you if don't want to get back up. Last but not least, we would like to take a punt on the Link Sofa from Sancal. Although it was only launched in 2022, its unusual shape has already garnered much media coverage and numerous awards, including the Wallpaper* Design Award for best surrealist furniture in 2024. This highly distinctive design is hard to repeat and we predict it will retain its appeal for years to come.


1. Gentry Sofa by Moroso | 2. Hug Curved Sofa by Collector | 3. Nebula Nine Sofa by Diesel Living | 4. Link Sofa by Sancal

Suspension Lights

From basic pendants to grand chandeliers, a suspension light that looks great and provides the right light is essential for any design scheme. One of our longstanding favourites is the Link Suspension Light from LZF. Made from wood veneers twisted into Möbius strips, the light is simple, sculptural and organic at the same time. In addition, thanks to the natural wood veneer, the Link casts a soft warm light, perfect over a dining table. Another timeless design is the Infinito from Davide Groppi. Unlike the Link, the Infinito is the epitome of minimalism, a suspension light reduced to a strip of LEDs. Its genius lies in its ability to extend to any length (up to 24 metres) from wall to wall, wall to ceiling or ceiling to ceiling, allowing the user to create stunning designs, seemingly with just light itself. For something more opulent look no further than the Luci d'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier from Catellani & Smith. The chandelier is composed with curls of leaves in gold and black. The stem of each curl holds a discrete LED, creating an ethereal glow as the light is deflected off the delicate gold leaves. The Gold Moon Chandelier is a modular design with endless possible compositions and looks especially impressive suspended over a stairwell. Like the legions of interior designers and architects, we are big fans of the Carousel Suspension Light from Utu. The Carousel's enduring popularity lies in its sleek yet ever so slightly vintage shape as well as the possibility of customising the colours of the stems and the shades. The light has been featured in numerous magazines and blogs and we don't expect its popularity to wane any time soon.


1. Link Suspension Light by LZF | 2. Infinito by Davide Groppi | 3. Luci d'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier by Catellani & Smith | 4. Carousel Suspension Light by Utu Soulful Lighting


Timeless storage doesn't have to mean basic flatpacked shelves. Go for something more interesting which combines functionality with iconic design, such as the ABC Bookcase from Saporiti. This modular system enables you to turn your bookcase into a custom word or message and it looks great even when they are empty. Another unusual storage idea is the Bordbar Airplane Trolley. These multifunctional trolleys are made to the same specifications as the working airplane trolleys, but can be customised with different external designs and internal inserts, from shelves and drawers to mini fridges and table football tops. We can't think of a better way to bring the romance of travelling into your home or workplace. For a more conventional option try the Code 1 Shelf from Zeitraum - a sleek and elegant design which incorporates lightness and movement, with super thin shelves thanks to the use of an innovative laminate. Another surprisingly useful design is the Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton. Its simple shape cleverly turns the prosaic task of storing toilet rolls into a much more decorative and humorous affair. No wonder it has proven to be such a long term bestseller.


1. ABC Bookcase by Saporiti | 2. Airplane Trolley by Bordbar | 3. Code 1 Shelf by Zeitraum | 4. Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf by Lyon Beton

Table Lights

Our selection of contemporary classic table lights start with the Bolt Desk Light from Tonone, an instantly recognisable design made unique thanks to its industrial style features, vibrant colours and multiple versions. Another fan favourite is the Air Table Lamp from LZF, made of an origami style folded strip of wood veneer. As stylish as it is simple, it is a real design icon in the making. We also love the Can Can Table Light from Ghidini 1961. A highly functional light in a jaunty design, the Can Can can be as showy or discrete as you like and works well in both classic and contemporary environments. For a light with sculptural qualities we would recommend the Dusk Table Lamp from 101 Copenhagen. Its minimalist shape is reminiscent of a timeless object of art, an antique face mask perhaps, displayed on a plinth. It looks great on a sideboard or mantelpiece, with a beautiful soft glow when switched on.



The Utility Armchair from Stellar Works is a design icon in the making. Designed by Neri & Hu, the chair combines industrial style cues with old world comfort (just look at the Chesterfield sofa style seats) to create an almost Steampunk vision of what a classic chair might look like in the future. An equally enduring design is the Showtime Chair, created by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design. The shape of its seat and backrest is a nod to mid-century classic lounge chairs, but its design feels thoroughly fresh and contemporary. It is back to the future with Viccarbe's Season Chair, a design gem created by Piero Lissoni. Somewhere between a small lounge chair, a pouf and a dining chair, the Season Chair has successfully carved a niche as a compact and comfortable crossover chair which works well in both dining and meeting rooms. Another chair with an alluring design and broad appeal is the Odisseia Chair from Dooq. Inspired by space age aesthetics combined with contemporary styling, this retro futurist chair is our choice for luxury and comfort.