Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

April 20, 2017

Completely Delightful

Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

During the Milan Design Week the wild frontier of design was undoubtedly the Ventura-Lambrate district, where emerging and experimental designers showed their wares under the vast rusting hulks of disused industrial facilities.  One of the exhibitions which stood out was put on by the students of HDK - the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg.



Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

The Reveal bench by Ida Flik may look simple at first sight, but the unusual graduated colour finish on the top of the bench suggests something more intriguing.  In fact the black colour at one end of the bench fades with touch, which enables users to leave their hand-prints temporarily, urging them to explore it with their hands. 



Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

Helen Johannesson's Together Stool is an experiment in collaboration, with different components of the bizarrely shaped stools and tables originating from sketches from other people.  The resulting objects are unexpectedly sleek and elegant, with a beguiling sculptural touch.



Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

The Windroses series of tables and lamps from Simone Affabris was inspired by the graphic tool of the same name.  We particularly like the simple and elegant lamps with their swivelling shades.



Almost Complete by HDK, University of Gothenburg

Other highlights include the tactile wooden stool and chair of August Olsson, the sculptural ceramic works of Erica Andersson and the seemingly half finished tables from Petter Fjellman-Lätt.



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Express your creativity with a vibrant and eclectic mix of furniture.  The Luna cabinet from Coedition is spectacularly quirky, as is the Softer Than Steel bench from Desalto and the Rememberme chair from Casamania.

Luna Cabinet   Softer Than Steel Bench    Rememberme Chair


Lighting is a great way to add a touch of quirkiness to any design scheme.  Try the Maman suspension light from Seletti, the Olo table light from Moustache and the Lampscapes floor light from Frederik Roije.

Maman - Suspension Light  Olo Table Lamp   Lampscapes Uphill Floor Light


Add a dash of humour with accessories that are unexpectedly surreal, such as the App wall hanger from Incipit, the airplane trolley from Bordbar and the Twitable fruit bowl / centrepiece from Seletti.   

App Wall Hanger  Bordbar Airplane Trolley - Barcode   Twitable

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