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8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda

Posted: September 04 2018 in Quirky

 Those of a certain age, swept up in a nostalgic wave for the 1980s and 1990s, would do well to collect the remarkable ceramic objects created by Osaka-based Toshiya Masada. 

Mightier Than Series by Ravi Amar Zupa

Posted: July 02 2018 in Quirky

 As evidence of the all-conquering power of words, multi-disciplinary artist Ravi Amar Zupa created a series of steampunk-esque sculptures of weapons made from old typewriter parts.

IDEA - The Design Supermarket by Niklas Jacob

Posted: April 25 2018 in Quirky

 Danish designer Niklas Jacob worked with a number of international designers to create a series of products that poke fun at the ubiquity of a certain Swedish flat-packed furniture chain.

House in Miyamoto by Tato Architects

Posted: March 13 2018 in Quirky

 Most people see Japan as the land of minimalist living, but this unusual house may well be more in tune with the messy reality of modern family life.

Yojigen Poketto by Elii

Posted: December 20 2017 in Quirky

Yojigen Poketto by Elii

Only 34 square metres?  I hear you ask, how can anyone live in such a small space?

Mondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel Wanders

Posted: December 14 2017 in Quirky

Mondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is renowned for his daring designs and maximalist aesthetics; his design for the Mondrian hotel in Doha is no exception.

Dining Toys by Roxanne Brennen

Posted: October 24 2017 in Quirky

Dining Toys by Roxanne Brennen

Some people liken the pleasure of eating to the joy of sex.

Patisserie by Shayna Leib

Posted: October 17 2017 in Quirky

Patisserie by Shayna Leib

American glass and ceramics artist Shayna Leif is, very unfortunately, allergic to a long list of food ingredients which makes it impossible for her to indulge in cakes and desserts.