Bunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise Architects

May 11, 2017

Boaty McBoathouse

Bunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise Architects

As spring turns slowly into summer, our thoughts drift to lazy days by the water, perhaps with a drink in hand and a barbecue sizzling nearby.  We found the perfect spot for such an idyllic escape at this laid back boat house designed by Andersson-Wise architects.

Located at a picturesque spot on the banks of Lake Austin in Texas, the Bunny Run boat dock has a weathered feel and is designed to blend into the surrounding nature.  The boat house is a two-storey steel-framed structure with the ground level deck housing two slips for boats and a large entertainment space upstairs featuring a kitchen, dining area and a large terrace.  The semi-open building is clad in disjointed planks of reclaimed cedar, creating a random pattern of gaps which allow light to permeate through and bring the outdoors in.  Reclaimed timber is also used extensively inside, which, together with antique furniture and other salvaged items, create a relaxed atmosphere entirely at ease with its surrounding environment.  Whilst the boat house is probably not designed for all seasons we can't think of a better place to enjoy a long, lazy summer's day.

Bunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise ArchitectsBunny Run Boat Dock by Andersson-Wise Architects


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