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Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge by Liminal Architecture

Posted: July 26 2018 in Natural

 The Freycinet national park in Tasmania is full of natural wonders to explore, but the Coastal pavilions at Freycinet Lodge may just succeed in tempting visitors to stay in all day.

Seaside Abode by Norm Architects

Posted: June 01 2018 in Natural

 Norm Architects recently redesigned the interiors of a coastal home, bringing nature indoors in a style that oozes cool Scandi-charm. 

Sarreyer Mountain Barn Conversion by Rapin Saiz Architectes

Posted: February 26 2018 in Natural

  This petite mountain abode designed by Rapin Saiz is a good example of how great design can turn even the smallest spaces into the most charming homes.

Cabin at Trolltind by Rever & Drage

Posted: February 20 2018 in Natural

The Norwegians' love for the great outdoors is matched by their fondness for the great rustic cabin. This example in Norway is an unusual showcase of cabin style.

Smuga House by Zrobym Architects

Posted: November 16 2017 in Natural

Smuga House by Zrobym Architects

Timber is a versatile and popular building material, especially for chalet-style small houses.

Collectors Refuge by mf+arquitetos

Posted: October 19 2017 in Natural

Collectors Refuge by mf+arquitetos

If light is one of the most precious gifts from nature, our ability to control light must be one of our greatest achievements.

North Carlton Green House by Zen Architects

Posted: August 17 2017 in Natural

North Carlton Green House by Zen Architects

It is a dream of many to have an urban abode surrounded by nature, a circle which is squared beautifully by Melbourne-based Zen Architects.

Cabin at Longbranch by Olson Kundig

Posted: July 12 2017 in Natural

Cabin at Longbranch by Olson Kundig

Seatle-based architects Olson Kundig is renowned for their designs of palatial residences.