Mondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel Wanders

December 14, 2017

Wonders of the Arabia

Mondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is renowned for his daring designs and maximalist aesthetics; his design for the Mondrian hotel in Doha is no exception.

The Mondrian Doha hotel has 211 rooms, 59 suites and a score of public spaces including 7 restaurants and cafes, a spa and multiple meeting rooms, all of which were lavished with Wanders' trademark flamboyant touch.  The lobbies feature giant ornate pillars, sculptural trees of life, outsized lamps and crystal chandeliers ensconced in golden bells.  These eye-catching features are mostly in glossy white, in stark contrast to the carpets and tiles which are covered in a bewilderingly rich display of patterns, many inspired by the stories of 1001 Arabian Nights.  The pool area, for example, is a riot of clashing colours and contrasting patterns, from the monochrome graphic decoration on the lift shaft to the red chairs, green vegetation-covered bridge over the pool and opulent chandeliers, all under a breathtaking dome bursting with colours from enormous floral patterns cleverly designed to resemble stained glass.  The 2,000 square metre ballroom is equally stunning, especially the 24K gold elevator which links it directly to one of the suites, which guarantees its guest a truly memorable entrance to the ballroom.

In fact, the whole building is so rich with clever design touches and remarkable decorative features that words struggle to do it justice.  The hotel is clearly built to impress on a spectacular scale, and in Marcel Wanders they have found the perfect design partner.

Mondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel WandersMondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel WandersMondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel WandersMondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel WandersMondrian Doha Hotel by Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wanders

Mondrian Doha Hotel

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