Train Suite Shiki-shima by JR East

December 11, 2017

Trainspotting Deluxe

Train Suite Shiki-shima by JR East

Japanese trains have long been synonymous with speed and punctuality.  To this list of superlatives we must now add luxury, as the arrival of the Shiki-shima train surely redefines the concept of luxury train travel.

Operated by the East Japan Railway Company, the Train Suite Shiki-shima is a ten carriage, double-decker train which runs along various scenic routes from Tokyo.  The train is custom built for luxury with 17 lavish suites, two of which feature split-level accommodation complete with hinoki cypress baths and Japanese style sunken seating.  The common areas are no less impressive, with a restaurant and lounge area that wouldn't look out of place in the trendiest nightspots in Tokyo and two spectacular observation cars at either end of the train.  These feature white leather sofas, panoramic windows with futuristic lattice frames and a custom-made green carpet designed to evoke the pattern created as dappled sunlight hits the forest floor; a perfect spot to contemplate the changing scenery as the train winds its way through some of the most beautiful countryside in Japan.

Travelling at a stately 110 kph the Train Suite Shiki-shima may not be the fastest way to get around, but with such understated luxury and astonishing attention to detail this is journey you wish would never end.

Train Suite Shiki-shima by JR EastTrain Suite Shiki-shima by JR EastTrain Suite Shiki-shima by JR EastTrain Suite Shiki-shima by JR East


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Combine speed and style with our collection of sleek and futuristic furniture including the You sofa from Coedition, the Seatshell chair from Frederik Roije and the Take a Line for a Walk armchair from Moroso
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Subdued and subtle lighting such as the Orbit wall light from LZF, the Dusk Dawn table light from Ghidini 1961 and the Core table light from New Works would work well with the understated luxury of the train suite Shiki-shama.

Orbit Wall Light  Dusk Dawn Table Lamp   Core Table Lamp


For a touch of Japanese style and attention to detail try the Dama stackable metal containers from Incipit, the Perished bowl from Ghidini 1961 and the Darkly mirror from Menu.

Dama Stackable Metal Containers Perished Bowl from Ghidini 1961  Darkly Mirror Aluminium

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