Patisserie by Shayna Leib

Great American Cake-Off

Patisserie by Shayna Leib

American glass and ceramics artist Shayna Leib is, very unfortunately, allergic to a long list of food ingredients which makes it impossible for her to indulge in cakes and desserts.  Whilst other people in a similar situation might be resigned to a life of rice-cakes or perhaps start a self-help group, she poured her sweet longings into hand-crafting a series of glass and porcelain dessert sculptures which would put even the most perfectionist patissier to shame.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the images are of real gateaux or eclairs but they are in fact ingenious creations by the artist using a whole range of techniques from glassblowing, hot-sculpting and casting to ceramic hand-building and throwing.  That's why the mirror glaze looks so perfect and the chocolate ganache so impossibly glossy.

According to the artist the objective was therapeutic, "a re-training of the mind to look at dessert as form rather than food".  However, to non-allergy-sufferers (or mere gluttons), these stunningly beautiful sculptures serve more as a paean to our desires, and perhaps tools of torture upon realising the unattainability of such desires.

Patisserie by Shayna LeibPatisserie by Shayna LeibPatisserie by Shayna LeibPatisserie by Shayna Leib


Shayna Leib

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