Pavillion of the Lake by depA Architects

December 15, 2017

Disappearing Act

Pavillion of the Lake by depA Architects

If the greatest trick of the devil is to convince the world that he does not exist, then perhaps the cleverest trick of the architect is to make a building disappear.  This is pretty much what Porto-based architects depA achieved with the Pavillion of the Lake.

This super minimalist 35 square metre pavilion is located in the mature gardens of the Serralves park and forms part of the Serralves museum of modern art as an outdoor video projection room.  The polygon shape of the pavilion is inspired by the bay windows of the museum building, whilst the dark mirror glass cladding reflects the surrounding landscape and effectively camouflages the pavilion, thus acting as a bridge between the museum and the park.  Inside, the space is intimate and neutral, a perfect environment to enjoy the video projections.

Pavillion of the Lake by depA ArchitectsPavillion of the Lake by depA ArchitectsPavillion of the Lake by depA ArchitectsPavillion of the Lake by depA Architects



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Embrace your inner puritan with beautifully minimalist furniture such as the Clay table from Desalto, the Hiruki chair from Alki and the T-Square wall shelf from Coedition.
 Clay Table Round - Glossy White  Hiruki - Chair  T-Square Wall Shelf - Oak


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Cone Suspension Lampshade Chambers Chandelier - Brass  Table Tower Table Light


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Metrobowl Amsterdam Spire Metal Wall Hook  KreaFunk aGROOVE Speaker

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