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Helsingborg Apartment by the Sea: SEK 6,890,000

Posted: September 18 2018 in Slick

 From the outside, this handsome villa in Helsingborg, Sweden is a textbook example of classic restraint. Inside, the ground floor apartment is a surprisingly elegant combination of old and new. 

Hiro-En House by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

Posted: July 18 2018 in Slick

 This Victorian villa in Melbourne has been extended by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design to create an uplifting space which more than fulfils the homeowners' brief to optimise their outdoor living space.

Cortina Apartment by Studio Rinaldi

Posted: June 15 2018 in Slick

 Ski chalet apartments often fall into the cliche of sauna-like wood panelling with Heidi-inspired decorative details.  Not so for this apartment in the Italian resort of Cortina.

Fifth Avenue Office by Fogarty Finger and Dumais

Posted: May 21 2018 in Slick

 It may be difficult to draw the line between the soft comforts of home and the hard edges of a professional office, but if the right balance is struck the results can be impressively uplifting. 

Verdable by Beriana

Posted: May 08 2018 in Slick

  Minimalism and nature are not easy to reconcile, but the Verdable side-table planters designed by Berlin-based Beriana come pretty close.

Katskills Refuge by Corpus Studio

Posted: March 21 2018 in Slick

Paris-based Corpus Studio came up with a design concept which looks resolutely contemporary but yet totally in tune with the timeless beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Pound Ridge House by Tsao & McKown

Posted: January 16 2018 in Slick

Those who have misgivings about living in bungalows (a principally British affliction) should take a close look at this stunning rural retreat, which showcases the allure of single-floor living beautifully.

Pavillion of the Lake by depA Architects

Posted: December 15 2017 in Slick

Pavillion of the Lake by depA Architects

If the greatest trick of the devil is to convince the world that he does not exist, then perhaps the cleverest trick of the architect is to make a building disappear.

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