Anzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie Architects

October 13, 2017


Anzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie Architects

If cleanliness is next to godliness then simplicity must be the favourite companion of the design gods.  This is doubly true if one is designing a house with uninterrupted views of the beautiful Anzac Bay in New Zealand.

The proposal from Vaughn McQuarrie Architects is straight-forward: design a simple, archetypal house with a pitched roof and fully glazed walls on both ends which maximises light in the house and access to the stunning views.  The entire ground floor of the house is used as an open plan living-dining-kitchen area, with a free-standing glass-fronted fireplace separating the formal living and dining areas.  There is also a more intimate family lounge area next to the kitchen and access to the second bedroom through a discrete side door.  The space is dominated by a dramatic white spiral staircase leading up to the mezzanine level with a study / studio at one end and the master bedroom suite at the other.

There are many features to love, such as the wooden lattice ceiling, which provides a warm contrast to the grey concrete walls and floors, and the open plan master bedroom with a freestanding bath right next to the window.  Best of all, the house is flooded with light, especially when the windows are flung wide open, and glows like a lantern at night.  Simple, and simply beautiful.

Anzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie ArchitectsAnzac Bay House by Vaughn McQuarrie Architects


Vaughn McQuarrie Architects

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It's difficult to compete with such beautiful views, so keep the furniture simple, slick and warm; such as the Gentry sofa from Moroso, the Altay dining chair from Coedition and the Fan dining table from Desalto.
Gentry 2-Seater Sofa  Altay Dining Chair  Fan Table


Highlight the dramatic double-height ceiling with a cluster of Scraplight Hive suspension lights from Graypants.  Otherwise keep the lighting low and unobtrusive with, for example, the Karl-Johan table light from New Works.  For the outdoor areas try the Carrie LED light from Menu.

Scraplight Hive Suspension Light  Karl-Johan Table Lamp  Carrie LED Portable Lamp Black - Set of 2


Accessories with a natural touch would look great in the space.  Try the Smokestack fireplace from Frederik Roije and the Wunderkammer Bone to be Wild bone sculpture from Diesel Living.  Replicate the concrete wall effect with the Concrete wallpaper from NLXL.

Smokestack Fireplace  Wunderkammer Bone - Bone To Be Wild  Concrete Rough Grey Wallpaper by Piet Boon

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