Furniture Collection by Artzul

August 26, 2016

Artful Dodger

Furniture Collection by Artzul

Denmark has a strong heritage of outstanding furniture design, but its reputation doesn't just rest on design classics from past masters.  A good example is the emergence of new design studios such as Copenhagen-based Artzul, which creates progressive furniture straddling the boundary between art and design.

Founded in 2015, Artzul's inaugural collection includes the stainless steel Neptune table with its industrial, masculine shape, the terrazzo and stainless steel Arctica lounge chair as well as the Alto bench with its delicate balance between marble and wood.  Highly refined and most artful, definitely not a dodger.

Furniture Collection by ArtzulFurniture Collection by ArtzulFurniture Collection by Artzul



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Combine sculptural shapes with interesting materials for maximum impact.  The Fjord armchair from Moroso is gorgeous upholstered in leather and wool, whilst the Element table from Desalto looks cool and composed.  For a more organic look try the Baobab table from Moustache.


The Swirl suspension light from LZF is made of natural wood veneers and looks stunningly sculptural.  For a slicker, more streamlined look try the Table Tower table light from Frederik Roije.  The Cave table light from Moustache also has a very sculptural feel.


We love the sculptural shape and brass material of the accessories from Ghidini 1961, such as the Tip Top tray.  For something softer but equally sculptural, try the unique candles from Andrej Urem and the Clam vase from Sena Gu.


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