Italian Countryside Residence by Studio Diff

Dare to Differ

Italian Countryside Residence by Studio Diff

Studio Diff has designed a daringly contemporary home within a traditional country house in Italy in a masterclass of mixing the classic with the exotic.

The designers emphasised the open and airy vibe of the classically-proportioned living room by applying neutral colours to the panelled walls and the impressively tiled floor.  Onto this plain canvas they injected bursts of drama: with the islands of forest green sofa, giant flower-shaped pendants which draw your eyes up to the impressive barrel-vaulted ceiling and extensive use of gold as an accent colour, notably on one of the panelled walls and on the sculptural cabinet in the hallway.

The dining room feels warm and indulgent, thanks to the burgundy red walls and giant artwork which dominates the space.  The gold accent is replicated in the form of enormous suspension lights in the shape of organ pipes.  The super slick kitchen appears almost constrained in contrast, livened up by a highly patterned marble counter top and more sculptural lighting.  The bathroom, on the other hand, is sheer extravagance with a stunning art print on one wall, black fittings faceted like diamonds and plenty of gold highlights.

This design scheme is daringly different, stylishly extravagant and luxuriously indulgent.  What's not to like?

Italian Countryside Residence by Studio DiffItalian Countryside Residence by Studio DiffItalian Countryside Residence by Studio DiffItalian Countryside Residence by Studio DiffItalian Countryside Residence by Studio DiffItalian Countryside Residence by Studio Diff


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Product Inspiration

A voluminous sofa in a surprising colour, such as the Block sofa from Missana, can work wonders in a big living room.  Team that with a few Fishbone occasional tables from Moroso for maximum visual effect.  Achieve a more pared-down look in the dining room with a stunningly simple table such as the 25 table from Desalto with the Vad chair from Casamania

Block 2 Seater Sofa   Fishbone Table   25 Table Stone   Vad Chair - Wood Base


We love the use of dramatic, sculptural lights in the Italian countryside residence.  Achieve the same look with the Mini Mikado suspension light from LZF, the Agata suspension light from Incipit and the Flamingo table lamp from Ghidini 1961.

Mini Mikado Suspension Light   Agata Circle Suspension Light   Flamingo Lamp


Accents of gold work fantastically well with accessories.  Try the Twitable from Seletti, the Spire wall hooks from Finell and, for sheer indulgence, what about the Here (Thimble) ice bucket from Ghidini 1961?

Twitable   Spire Metal Wall Hook   Here (Thimble) Ice Bucket