The Subversive Gardener by Vanessa Harden

Covert Gardening

The Subversive Gardener by Vanessa Harden

Reinforcements have just arrived at the frontline of guerrilla gardening with Vanessa Harden's collection of subversive gardening tools.

Whilst the concept of guerrilla gardening (surreptitious planting to greenify urban wastelands) has been around for a while, the tools of the trade (biodegradable seedbombs and such like) have not really progressed much from their utilitarian and military roots.  Product designer Vanessa Harden has taken the subversive nature of this subculture to heart, injected a fair dose of bling and created a series of jewellery cum covert gardening tools which owe their inspiration more to the world of 007 than your local gardening centre.

Mini shovels and spades are attached to nail dusters rendered in 24K gold complete with Swarovski crystals, whilst seeds are made into pills for discrete transport.  There is even a 24K gold teeth grill with a telescopic tube attached for shooting seeds into more difficult to reach areas.  We can't think of a more glamorous way to indulge in your green fingers.

The Subversive Gardener by Vanessa HardenThe Subversive Gardener by Vanessa HardenThe Subversive Gardener by Vanessa HardenThe Subversive Gardener by Vanessa Harden


The Subversive Gardener

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