8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda

September 04, 2018

Pixellated Reality

8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya MasudaThose of a certain age, swept up in a nostalgic wave for the 1980s and 1990s, would do well to collect the remarkable ceramic objects created by Osaka-based Toshiya Masuda.

Inspired by the 8-bit computer games from his youth, the artist hand-crafts ceramic objects in a super pixellated style, as if they had leapt out of an early generation computer screen.  These once familiar items, from wine bottles to teapots and trainers, explore the boundary between actual and virtual realities.  Some of them even mimic images affected by computer glitches.  Perhaps the kiln was attacked by a software bug?

8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda8-Bit Digital Ceramic Artworks by Toshiya Masuda


Toshiya Masuda

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Product Inspiration

Inspired by the pixellated effect of Toshiya Masuda's artworks?  Try the spectacular Dreams cabinet by BD Barcelona, the Robox bookshelf from Casamania or the Dynamic Life sofa bed from Campeggi

Dreams Cabinet   Robox Bookshelf   Dynamic Life


Pixels and self-repeating shapes look great in lights, such as the Pitagora ceiling lamp from Qeeboo, the Dandelion suspension light from LZF and the Moire wall light from New Works.

Pitagora Ceiling Lamp    Dandelion Suspension Light   Moire Wall Light


Quirky accessories are great for adding a bit of fun.  Try the Concrete Cloud toilet paper holder from Lyon Beton and the App wall hanger from Incipit.  To create a pixellated effect on the wall try the Coloured Geometry wallpaper from Mind The Gap

Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf - Large    App Wall Hanger   Coloured Geometry Wallpaper

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