World of Material Contrasts at Dooq

September 12, 2018

Luxurious Juxtapositions

World of Material Contrasts at Dooq

Mention "Portugal" with "furniture" and you are likely to see images of traditional designs in solid wood and perhaps cork.  To prove them wrong, Lisbon-based design brand Dooq has created a collection of furniture that thrives on unexpected contrasts in styles, shapes and materials.  

A sense of luxury runs through the entire collection, especially in the use of contrasting materials.  The block-shaped Panorama armchair, for example, recalls the monumental buildings of the Brutalist era, albeit livened up with asymmetric armrests and Art Deco style metallic details, all swathed in luscious velvet.  The Dolce Vita console table has a solid wood top supported by two pill-shaped pillars made of four different types of marble and metal trims, whilst the Havana armchair has a curvaceous solid wood frame set against a lacy woven mesh panel and opulent upholstery.  For unabashed indulgence look no further than the Bonnie & Clyde coffee table, with its solid marble construction and sculptural shape.  

This delightfully eclectic collection is a testament to the best design and craftsmanship Portugal has to offer; perfect for adding a touch of glamour and luxury to any design scheme.

World of Material Contrasts at DooqWorld of Material Contrasts at DooqWorld of Material Contrasts at DooqWorld of Material Contrasts at DooqWorld of Material Contrasts at DooqWorld of Material Contrasts at Dooq



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Sculptural Style

Product Inspiration

Create an opulent ambience with luxurious materials and bold shapes.  Try the Mathilda chair from Moroso, the Star console table from Coedition and the Valet Bar Cart from Stellar Works.

Mathilda Chair   Star Console Table   Valet Bar Cart


For seriously impressive lights try the stunning O Mi Kami OLED chandelier from Blackbody, the Totem 4 suspension light from LZF and the Noon 5 suspension light from Zeitraum

O Mi Kami Chandelier - Suspension OLED Light (BB 80.10)   Totem 4 Suspension Light - Medium   Noon 5 Suspension Light


The brass accessories of Ghidini 1961 are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any room.  Try the Florida bowl, the Butterfly coatrack and the Omini candlestick.

Florida Bowl   Butterfly Coatrack   Omini The Lazy Climber Candlestick

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