Waiting for a Table by Kathleen Reilly

October 04, 2016

Waiting Games

Waiting for a Table by Kathleen Reilly

Say goodbye to awkward silences at the dining table with Kathleen Reilly's collection of playful table accessories which promise to rewrite dining rituals and put the art into party.

Salt & Pepper is a stainless steel arm which connects two salt and pepper pots in falling positions, as if the two pots were bowing towards each other.  A Spoonful of Sugar is a ceramic teapot with a silver spoon attached on the top of the spout.   The idea is to fill the spoon with sugar so that the tea and sugar both get poured into the cup as the teapot is tipped.  The Petal Catcher is a vase with an outstretched net attached to catch any fallen petals, a problem which no doubt you did not think existed.  We also like the elegant and witty Dining for Four napkin holder, which sits on top of a wine bottle, and the Large Helper, a ceramic bowl with a serving spoon balanced delicately on a raised arm.  Dinner parties have never been so much fun.

Waiting for a Table by Kathleen ReillyWaiting for a Table by Kathleen ReillyWaiting for a Table by Kathleen ReillyWaiting for a Table by Kathleen ReillyWaiting for a Table by Kathleen Reilly


Kathleen Reilly

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Who said furniture can't be fun and functional?  Just look at the Robox bookshelf from Casamania, the Concrete Cloud toilet paper shelf from Lyon Beton and the ABC bookshelf from Saporiti.


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