Typography Lighting System by Studio Truly Truly

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Typography Lighting System by Studio Truly TrulyThe utilitarian track-based lighting system is functional but rarely celebrated for its beauty.  This may be about to change with the Typography lighting system designed by Studio Truly Truly for Australian lighting company Rakumba.

The concept is simple: create an elegantly slim rail, add different lighting elements and you have a modular lighting system which is decorative and functional at the same time.   The Cilon collection of lights, the first in the series, includes seven different lighting fixtures which share the same sleek and minimalist design language.  These range from spotlights to glowing discs, all of which can be mounted on all four sides of the rail and be controlled separately.  Each fixture becomes a distinct character which, when attached to the rail in different combinations, creates a graphic expression akin to musical notes on a stave.  This not only provides endless opportunities for creative expression but is also immensely practical, as the function and position of the lights can be changed in an instant.  We can only imagine all the exciting possibilities as new designs are added.

Typography Lighting System by Studio Truly TrulyTypography Lighting System by Studio Truly TrulyTypography Lighting System by Studio Truly TrulyTypography Lighting System by Studio Truly Truly


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Go for the sleek and graphic look with the ABC Bookcase from Saporiti, the Code shelf from Zeitraum and the Longlegs shelves from Frederik Roije.
ABC Bookcase – Floor-Standing Shelf - 23 cm Depth  Code Shelf  Longlegs Eight Tables


Suspension lights which come in clusters can look wonderfully graphic, such as the Sfere light from Ghidini 1961.  For something more minimalist try the TR Bulb Frame suspension light from Menu, or the Gemina vertical suspension light from Car-Met.

Sfere Double  TR Bulb Frame Suspension Light  Gemina Vertical Suspension Light


We love the minimalist and graphic look of the Bottle watch from Nava, the Spire metal wall hook from Finell and the Rise & Shine wall mirror from New Works.

Bottle Watch - Beer   Spire Metal Wall Hook   Rise & Shine Wall Mirror