Sculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllister

June 09, 2017

Spatial Intersections

Sculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllister

We were delighted to come across the furniture and lighting collections from Seatle-based design studio Iacoli & McAllister during the recent Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition in New York.

Iacoli & McAllister are masters at combining simple shapes with bold lines to create sculptural products which frame and define space beautifully.  We particularly like the Mociun collection of occasional tables with the seemingly random arrangement of marble tops and metal supports and the Revati lights, an elegant combination of strong metal frames with delicate glass globes.  All their products are hand crafted and assembled in the US but they would look marvellous anywhere.

Sculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllisterSculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllisterSculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllisterSculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllisterSculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllisterSculptural Intersections from Iacoli & McAllister


Iacoli & McAllister 

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Sculptural Style

Product Inspiration

Make a strong design statement with bold shapes and geometric arrangements.  Try the Element table and the Clay tables from Desalto and the Untitled concrete chair from New Works.

 Element Dining Table - Rectangle   Element Dining Table - Rectangle   Untitled Concrete Chair


LZF shows how the use of a simple material (wood veneers) can create beautifully sculptural lights, such as the Swirl suspension light.  We also like the Escappa ceiling light, hand crafted using mouth-blown glass by Scott Pirie and the Kizu table light from New Works.

Swirl Suspension Light - Large   Escappa Ceiling Light   Kizu Table Lamp


Use accessories with striking sculptural shapes to add a touch of design flair.  Try the Ooga Booga coat hanger from Moustache, the Axonometry set from Ghidini 1961 and the Belle cake stand from Incipit.

Ooga Booga Ceramic Coat Hanger    Axonometry Parallelepiped Set   Belle Cake Stand / Container

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