Pitch Lights by Studio Truly Truly

Truly Well Balanced

Pitch Lights by Studio Truly TrulyThe Aussie-Dutch design collective Studio Truly Truly burnished their reputation for elegantly sculptural designs with the launch of the Pitch suspension lights at the Salone Satellite in Milan.

The Pitch light is made up of a cluster of glass tubes in different sizes suspended on brass rods.  The tubes lean and balance against each other seemingly precariously, converging at the centre in a delicate embrace.  The sculptural quality of the pendant is enhanced further by the brass plates at the ends of the tubes, which reinforces the contrast between solidity and fragility.

Pitch Lights by Studio Truly Truly

Pitch Lights by Studio Truly Truly

Pitch Lights by Studio Truly Truly

Pitch Lights by Studio Truly Truly


Studio Truly Truly

Typography Lighting System by Studio Truly Truly

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