Loudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim Bercovich

August 15, 2017

The Art of Noise

Loudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim Bercovich

Of all the media at a product designer's disposal, sound is probably the least explored.  This is perhaps surprising, considering the lasting impressions sounds and music can make.  This is the subject of the Sound and Matter in Design exhibition at the Design Museum Holon in Israel, which, amongst other things, features the amazing jewellery collection deigned by Dana Hakim Bercovich.

The young jewellery artist's creations include statement neckpieces, brooches and other objects made out of upcycled mesh screens from disused loudspeakers.  The designs are inspired by ancient amulets, worn by the superstitious (or the merely anxious) to dispel evil spirits.  In this updated guise the loudspeaker mesh, which symbolises the transmission of sound and data, is designed, symbolically at least, to ward off the insidious interference of Big Brother, whether it's in the form of information overflow, digital surveillance or incessant data gathering.  Whilst we cannot vouch for the effectiveness of this digital barrier, we are certainly impressed by the sculptural shapes and distinctive textures of the end products.

The Sound and Matter in Design exhibition is on at the Design Museum Holon in Israel from 29 June to 28 October 2017.

Loudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim BercovichLoudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim BercovichLoudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim BercovichLoudspeaker Jewellery by Dana Hakim Bercovich


Dana Hakim Bercovich

Design Museum Holon

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Product Inspiration

A great way to create a thought-provokingly quirky design scheme is to choose furniture with an unexpectedly and surreal edge, such as the Rememberme chair from Casamania, the Softer Than Steel bench from Desalto and the airplane trolley from Bordbar.
Rememberme Chair  Softer Than Steel Bench - L 98 x W 89 cm  Bordbar Airplane Trolley - City


For equally quirky and surreal lights try the Moto wall light from Moustache, the Lampscapes suspension light from Frederik Roije and the Flash lamp from Qeeboo.

Moto Wall Light with Plug   Lampscapes Suspension Light 5 Peaks  Flash Lamp


Quirky and humorous accessories are a great way to make a design statement in any space.  Try the Pipework London Tube Map coat rack from Nick Fraser, the Here (Thimble) ice bucket from Ghidini 1961 and the Wolf This Way sculpture from Diesel Living.     

Pipework London Tube Map - Coat Rack  Here (Thimble) Ice Bucket  Wunderkammer Wolf Skull - Wolf This Way

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