How to Make a Design Statement

Every space needs a little something special. Something that catches your eye as you enter a room, a statement piece to get party guests talking, something that reflects your personality. Don't know where to start? We have a few ideas for you.

1. Quirky and Witty Designs

Bring a smile to everybody's face with a standout piece that's quirky and unexpected. The Ciuco Animagic Cabinet from Scarlet Splendour is an impressively bronzed donkey whose natty tuxedo front opens to reveal a spacious cabinet. If that doesn't get people talking nothing else will. For something fun and cuddly try the Yeti Sofa from Missana, whose generous proportions and faux lama fur make it utterly irresistible. Make a big design statement in the smallest room with the Concrete Cloud toilet paper shelf from Lyon Beton, a witty and clever way to make a virtue out of a necessity. For those who are more actively minded we would recommend the Lazy Basketball Chair from Campeggi, perfect for encouraging people to sit less and play more. 

Ciuco Animagic Cabinet - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop       

1. Ciuco Animagic Cabinet by Scarlet Splendour | 2. Yeti Sofa by Missana | 3. Lazy Basketball Chair by Campeggi | 4. Concrete Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf by Lyon Beton

2. Exaggerated Proportions

Go big (or go small) and play with proportions for maximum effect. If you have a lot of space the Hug Curved Modular Sofa from Collector would make the perfect gathering spot, even for very large parties. For an impressively outsized centrepiece (for a very large table) try the Secant Jug from Atelier Polyhedre, impossible to miss at 55 cm tall. The Link Sofa from Sancal is essentially a supersized chain which works surprisingly well as a seating solution. Available in multiple fabrics and endless compositions, it is ideal for playful reception areas and break-out areas. The Cupolone Suspension Light from Seletti, on the other hand, shrinks the famous dome of St Peter's cathedral in Rome and turns it into a stylish pendant light, bringing the skyline of Italy inside your home.


1. Link Sofa by Sancal | 2. Hug Curved Modular Sofa by Collector | 3. Secant Jug by Atelier Polyhedre | 4. Cupolone Suspension Light by Seletti

3. Dramatic Lighting Installation

There's no better way to create a grand impression than with a dramatic lighting installation, especially for entrance lobbies, stairwells or atriums. One of our favourite designs is the Luci d'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier from Catellani & Smith, composed of delicate gold foils suspended in space like butterflies, their shimmering leaves casting an ephemeral golden glow. The Chaindelier Suspension Light from Davide Groppi succeeds in making a grand gesture with a minimalist design. The light features a gold metal chain with integrated LED elements which can be arranged in swooping compositions, perfect for spaces with very high ceilings. The Totem Suspension Light from LZF is great for organic design schemes. The onion-shaped shades are made of natural wood veneers which come in 10 different colours. At over 200 cm high, the Totem lives up to its name and is most definitely hard to miss. Another way to use suspension lights to great effect is to group them together in a cluster. The A-Tube Suspension Light from Lodes, for example, is a simple rod shape pendant available in different sizes and finishes. These can be grouped together to create an impressive forest of light.


1. Totem Suspension Light by LZF | 2. Luci d'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier by Catellani & Smith | 3. Chaindelier Suspension Light by Davide Groppi | 4. A-Tube Suspension Light by Lodes

4. Colours and Patterns

Stimulate the senses with bright colours and wild patterns, especially effective if used sparingly in an otherwise subdued space. The Dreams Cabinet from BD Barcelona features a captivating pixel print designed by renowned patternist Cristian Zuzunaga - it would make a stunning focal point in a minimalist living room or boardroom. Want to make a dramatic entrance (or to make an entrance dramatic)? Try the Parelleli Rug from Golran, an exuberant composition of multiple styles, colours and techniques. Choosing the right fabric for your sofa can make a huge visual impact. The My Beautiful Backside Sofa from Moroso, for example, features alluring colours combined with embroidered details which makes it look interesting both from afar and close up. Last but not least, you can brighten up a room with minimal effort by applying statement wallpaper to create a feature wall. NLXL has a great selection, but we particularly like the shimmering effect of the Nizwa Jade Metallic pattern.

Dreams Cabinet - BD Barcelona Design - Do Shop    Nizwa Wallpaper - NLXL - Do Shop

1. Dreams Cabinet by BD Barcelona | 2. Parelleli Rug by Golran | 3. My Beautiful Backside Sofa by Moroso | 4. Nizwa Jade Metallic by NLXL

5. Super Sculptural Shapes

Nothing makes a grander design statement than a substantial piece of furniture in a sculptural shape. The Atlantis Cabinet from Agrippa, for instance, impresses with both its graphic shape and also with its superb craftsmanship. The Luna Cabinet from Coedition is equally unmissable, especially with its unusual round shape and bright colours. Caved from a single piece of marble, the Bonnie & Clyde Coffee Table from Dooq is both organic and abstract, as much a work of art as it is a highly functional furniture item. Accessories is a great way to create a memorable feature, especially with something as substantial and shapely as the Lotus Vase from 101 Copenhagen. Go big or go home!

    Souk Red Mirror - Dooq - Do Shop