Food and Furniture Matching - A Style Guide

Forget about wine pairing! For truly special occasions you want to make sure your furniture and lighting are a perfect match for your food.

Lazy Sunday Brunch

For the perfect laid back Sunday brunch we like to start in a semi-reclined position on an extra sociable sofa like the Hug Curved Sofa from Collector. Make sure there are plenty of low coffee tables for all the smoothies, lattes and Mimosas - the Stick & Stone Centre Table from Dooq would do nicely. For the main event go for a simple wooden table such as the Trestle Dining Table from Viccarbe, sans table cloth to keep things casual. The Lepida Chair from Woak would be a great match for the table.

1. Trestle Dining Table by Viccarbe | 2. Hug Curved Sofa by Collector | 3. Stick & Stone Centre Table by Dooq | 4. Lepida Chair by Woak

Al Fresco Feast

When the sun is shining and the air is warm, it is time to venture outside for a spot of outdoor dining. The aim is to have furniture as fresh and wild as your garden salad and barbecued wild salmon. We would lay out the feast on the Ocean Table from Mater, teamed with the Banjooli Chairs from Moroso, the latter in vibrant colours inspired by nature. The wildlife is represented by the Rara Avis Side Tables from Nomon, which are great for holding drinks and amusing the kids at the same time. Last but not least, light up the table in style with the Easy Peasy Portable Light from Lodes, perfect for when the festivities continue into the night.

1. Ocean Table by Mater | 2. Banjooli Chair by Moroso | 3. Rara Avis Side Tables by Nomon | 4. Easy Peasy Table Light by Lodes

Date Night

A romantic dinner at home calls for furniture that feels luxurious and intimate. The Togrul Dining Table from Tacchini, with its sculptural base and opulent marble top, fits the bill perfectly. For extra wow factor match it with the Love Chair from Ghidini 1961 - its distinctive heart shaped back is sure to quicken the heartbeat. Keep the lighting soft and whimsical with the ethereal Jackie O Chandelier from Catellani & Smith. To top it all, adorn the table with a stunning bouquet of White Noise Fresh Flowers from Grace & Thorn. The challenge will be to make sure the food is as fabulous as the setting.

1. Togrul Dining Table by Tacchini | 2. Love Chair by Ghidini 1961 | 3. Jackie O Chandelier by Catellani & Smith | 4. White Noise Flowers by Grace & Thorn

Party of the Century

To host a great party you need a great table, such as the 3.5 metre long Ren Conference Table from Stellar Works. But to host a truly grand party you need a grand gesture, such as the dazzling Starbar Bar Counter from Scarlet Splendour (make sure it's fully stocked of course). Team it with a few Stud Bar Stools from Diesel Living for maximum bling effect. To keep the atmosphere fun and frivolous place a few La Palma Floor Lamps from Seletti around the room. It is a party afterall!