Qualities of Materials by Fort Standard

May 09, 2016

Material Impressions

Qualities of Materials by Fort Standard

New York based designers Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, better known as Fort Standard, like to push the boundaries with the possibilities of materials.  In their recently launched Qualities of Materials collection a chair is made with rolled-up leather which looks surprisingly like wood, hollow tubes made with maple slats are used to create light but strong tables and benches whilst stone is used to make cabinets which appear as light as cardboard.  The resulting products are elegant and intriguing in equal measures and also possibly mildly disorienting, especially after a few drinks.

Qualities of Materials by Fort Standard



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Unexpected materials and interesting juxtapositions make for great quirky design schemes.  The Rememberme chair from Casamania, for example, is made of recycled t-shirts and jeans whilst these clever stackable storage and seating units from Lyon Beton are made from concrete.


The cloud-like Lampscape suspension light from Frederik Roije is quirky and evocative, whilst the Air table light from LZF uses wood veneer almost like origami paper to create an elegantly sculptural light.


The Here (Thimble) ice bucket from Ghidini combines a quirky design with an unexpected material (brass) to create a truly delightful object.  Likewise the marble effect wallpaper from NLXL is a fun and effective way to create the illusion of a marble wall.


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