Geography Collection of Furniture by Design Soil

Natural Inspirations

Geography Collection of Furniture by Design Soil

Geography, as we learned at school, is the study of nature and our relationship with it.  This offers valuable inspirations for Interior design, which similarly is about the relationship between our objects and the space in which they inhabit.  This theme was explored by Design Soil, the experimental design project from Kobe Design University, during the design week in Milan.

The young designers exhibited an intriguing collection of furniture at the Ventura / Lambrate design district, including a partition designed by Nao Ueda inspired by window sills, an elegant shoe rack designed by Naoko Miyatani inspired by birds perching on electric cables and slim shelves with integrated walls designed by Junichiro Oshima.  The collection was not only elegant and refined but also offered plenty of food for thought on the relationship between humans and nature.

Geography Collection of Furniture by Design SoilGeography Collection of Furniture by Design SoilGeography Collection of Furniture by Design Soil


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Nature has always provided a rich source of ideas for designers.  The Saski chair from Alki is made with oak and is inspired by bamboo and traditional basket weaving techniques.  The stunning Lake rug from Golran combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship to create an optical illusion that mimics the effect of shimmering light on the surface of a lake.


All LZF lights are made with natural wood veneers.  We particularly like the Link suspension light, which showcases the company's patented technique of treating the veneers before bending them to create a natural wave effect.  The Lampscape suspension light from Frederik Roije is a fun and sculptural way to bring nature indoors and is especially effective over a dining table or kitchen counter.


The iPhone cases from Wood'd are wonderful reminders of the natural beauty of wood, just like the ceramic Tree vase from Sena Gu.