Summer Living at Masseria Le Torri

July 03, 2018

Farmhouse Retreat

Summer Living at Masseria Le TorriWhen it comes to summer living, few do so as effortlessly stylishly as the Italians.  Consider the Masseria Le Torri, a beautifully restored 18th century farmhouse not far from the coastal town of Polignano a Mare in Puglia.  Now reborn as a guesthouse with four bedrooms, the farmhouse oozes rural charm with its vaulted ceilings, flagstone floors and cosy fireplaces.  The furniture is selected with style and comfort in mind, the upholstered chairs and sofas in traditional shapes contrasting with the quirky suspension lights made of hanging baskets and plants.  The colour palette of moss green, grey and cream is soothing and adds a touch of contemporary flair.  

However, as one would expect in southern Italy, it is the outdoor spaces which really shine.  Here, the pristine white walls appear dazzling against the cloudless blue skies and dark green olive groves.  The abundance of entertainment spaces, from the beautiful pool to the dining areas (including a romantic table for two in the shade of an old tree), paints a picture of endless lunches under the endless sun.  A vision of rural idyll and man in serene harmony with nature.

Summer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le TorriSummer Living at Masseria Le Torri


Masseria Le Torri

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Product Inspiration

Create your own rural idyll with organically inspired furniture such as the Kea table from Alki, the Gardenias outdoor armchair with pergola from BD Barcelona Design and the Paisley screen from LZF

Kea - Table    Gardenias Outdoor Armchair with Pergola   Paisley Screen


Natural style lights with a touch of quirkiness would look perfectly at home at the farmhouse.  Try the Dandelion suspension light from LZF, the Cape suspension light from Moustache and the Scraplight Tilt table light from Graypants.

Dandelion Suspension Light   Cape Pendant Light   Scraplight Tilt Table Light


For accessories go for soothing organic shapes such as the Sula carafe and Silo container from Incipit and the Knotted Cherry container from Ghidini 1961

Sula Carafe   Silo Container   Knotted Cherry Container (Large)

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