Burbucar Carwash by Lina Toro

Blue Rinse

Burbucar Carwash by Lina Toro

Next time you find yourself in Madrid with a filthy car, go visit Burbucar on Costa Rica Street, a long established carwash which has been funkily transformed by local architect Lina Toro.  Cyanaphobes, however, should probably avoid.

Almost every surface of the 70 m long tube-shaped space has been painted bright blue.  This has the effect of highlighting industrial features such as ventilation ducts as well as showcasing the mechanical processes and the innovative waste water purification system.  Patrons can observe the action from the comfort of the quirkily furnished VIP rooms, just follow the dotted black line on the floor.

This unusual makeover was completed within one month, without any business interruption.  Perhaps they had help from the Smurfs.

Video courtesy of El Hijo Tonto

Burbucar Carwash by Lina Toro





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