Un-Printed Material by Nendo

October 25, 2016

Frames of Reference

Un-Printed Material by Nendo

Hot on the heels of the 50 Manga Chairs launched at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Nendo has created another intriguing display which uses frames to demonstrate the power of human imagination.

The Un-Printed Material exhibition at the Creation Gallery G8 in Tokyo features three rooms of hand-made and 3D-printed frames which outline sheets of paper in different states of being, some with corners upturned, whilst others have bits torn off or folded.  Some of the frames even show pages of books in mid-turn and works of origami.  The delicate and ghostly frames offer but the merest hint of the paper objects they are mimicking, recalling the art of an illustrator's sketch and stimulating the imagination of visitors. 

Un-Printed Material by NendoUn-Printed Material by NendoUn-Printed Material by NendoUn-Printed Material by NendoUn-Printed Material by NendoUn-Printed Material by Nendo



Creation Gallery G8

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Simple lines and geometric shapes often create the boldest shapes, such as the Softer Than Steel collection of benches, chairs and coat rack designed by Nendo for Desalto.


The sleek lines of the Skylight Tower suspension lights from Frederik Roije work fantastically well in slick, contemporary spaces.


For sculptural accessories that play on lines check out the Storylines bookshelf from Frederik Roije, the Tip Top tray from Ghidini 1961 and the Double Loop necklace from Eleanor Bolton.


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