Mightier Than Series by Ravi Amar Zupa

July 02, 2018

Literary Guns

Mightier Than Series by Ravi Amar Zupa

Everybody knows that words are mightier than swords, but what about guns?  As evidence of the all-conquering power of words, multi-disciplinary artist Ravi Amar Zupa created a series of steampunk-esque sculptures of weapons made from old typewriter parts.  Even the ammunition is made of repurposed pen nibs, thereby once again demonstrating the power of persuasion over force.

Mightier Than Series by Ravi Amar ZupaMightier Than Series by Ravi Amar ZupaMightier Than Series by Ravi Amar ZupaMightier Than Series by Ravi Amar ZupaMightier Than Series by Ravi Amar ZupaMightier Than Series by Ravi Amar Zupa


Ravi Amar Zupa

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Quirky Style

Product Inspiration

Quirky and unexpected furniture is a great way to liven up an interior space.  Try the  Volley tennis ball shaped lounge chair from Lento, the ABC bookcase from Saporiti and the airline trolley from Bordbar.

Volley Tennis Ball Lounge Chair   ABC Knock Down Bookcase – Floor-Standing Shelf - 23 cm Depth   Bordbar Airplane Trolley - Airport


Add a dash of fun and atmosphere with quirky lights such as the Moto wall light from Moustache, the Lampscapes Uphill floor light from Frederik Roije and the Cherry suspension light from Qeeboo.

Moto Wall Light with Plug   Lampscapes Uphill Floor Light   Cherry Lamp


For quirky and fun accessories look out for the Wunderkammer Bone from Seletti, the There (Push Pin) candle stand from Ghidini 1961 and the Concrete Pipeline stem vase from Lyon Beton.

Wunderkammer Bone - Bone To Be Wild   There (Push Pin) Candlestick   Concrete Pipeline Stem Vase - Medium

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