Yojigen Poketto by Elii

December 20, 2017

Super Microliving

Yojigen Poketto by Elii

Only 34 square metres?  I hear you ask, how can anyone live in such a small space?  Madrid-based architectural firm Elii answers the question with an innovative apartment as slick and multifunctional as a Swiss army knife.

Located in an old building in the centre of Madrid, the apartment is small but benefits from windows on two walls.  In order to maximise living space without blocking the light and views, the architects designed an elevated area in the back half of the room.  This ingenious structure not only creates a secluded sleeping platform but also provides seemingly endless storage solutions.  The steps which provide access to the platform, for example, can be moved away to reveal pull-out shelves which run the length of the platform.  The steps themselves contain more drawers and can also be used as a mobile seating area.  Part of the kitchen counter can be detached to form a coffee table and there is also a well concealed utility cupboard.  Other clever touches include mirrors in the entrance area, kitchen cabinets built around the windows (thereby creating a sunny lounging platform) and a sunken bath, all designed to make the space feel bigger.

It is no surprise that the name of this Tardis of an apartment, Yojigen Poketto (or four dimensional pocket), is inspired by the magical boundless pocket of popular Japanese anime character Doraemon.  The only question that remains is what to do with all the space freed up by this imaginative design?

Yojigen Poketto by EliiYojigen Poketto by EliiYojigen Poketto by EliiYojigen Poketto by EliiYojigen Poketto by EliiYojigen Poketto by Elii



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Go crazy for funky storage ideas with the airplane trolley from Bordbar, the ABC bookcase from Saporiti and the Robox bookshelf from Casamania.
 Bordbar Airplane Trolley - Swiss Cross  ABC Bookcase – Floor-Standing Shelf - 23 cm Depth  Robox Bookshelf


Save space by installing wall lights such as the 90 Degrees wall light from Frama, which also doubles-up as a shelf.  A slim floor lamp such as the Five floor light from New Works would also work well in small spaces, as would the minimalist Socket occasional lamp from Menu.

90 Degrees Wall Light Powder Coated Aluminium    Five Floor Lamp  Socket Occasional Lamp - Set of 2


Focus on sleek and super functional accessories such as the stormproof umbrella from Senz, the Bellows iPad shoulder bag from Nava and the Propeller folding trivet from Menu.

Original Red Senz Umbrella  Bellows iPad Shoulder Bag - Dark Grey  Propeller Folding Trivet - Yellow

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