Under the Tree by Arent & Pyke

Balance and Harmony

Under the Tree by Arent & PykeFrom the street this home in the Annandale area of Sydney looks like any other - a traditional black weatherboard-clad cottage sitting discretely behind a neat picket fence. At the back of this house, on the other hand, is a modern extension that is anything but ordinary. 

Designed by Arent & Pyke, this soothing and harmonious space starts with grey concrete walls and exposed brickwork in a double-height room flooded with light from extensive windows and skylights. In the centre of the large living and dining room is a ficus lyrata tree which reaches through the stairwell to the floor above, bringing a touch of the outdoor inside.

The furniture is eclectic and evidently chosen with a great sense of balance. Everything comes together effortlessly, from the use of different materials such as velvet, rattan and leather to the seductive pops of emerald, indigo and bright ochre. The centrepiece is a curvaceous leather sofa from Baxter which exudes retro-futuristic charm. This sits opposite a long bench sofa, its simplicity neatly offset by the ceramic artworks arranged on the open shelves above.

We also like the juxtaposition of the round stone top coffee table against the square indigo velvet pouf as well as the vintage bar cart against the Nogouchi floor light. In fact, everywhere you look there are beautiful vignettes with captivating compositions of furniture, colours, textures and art. 

If the role of interior designers is to create spaces which reflect the homeowners' personalities, then Arent & Pyke succeeded fantastically.

Under the Tree by Arent & Pyke is the winner of the Interior Decoration Award, part of the Australian Design Awards 2019.

Under the Tree by Arent & PykeUnder the Tree by Arent & PykeUnder the Tree by Arent & PykeUnder the Tree by Arent & PykeUnder the Tree by Arent & PykeUnder the Tree by Arent & Pyke



Arent & Pyke


Product Inspiration

Create balance with eclectic but well coordinated selection of furniture such as the Tailor sofa from Menu, the Rocker from Mater and the Monet coffee table from Boca do Lobo

Tailor Sofa - Menu - Do  Rocker - Whiskey Leather - Mater - Do   Monet Table Collection - Boca do Lobo - Do


Go for lighting that looks naturally harmonious, such as the Swirl suspension light from LZF, the Tull suspension light from Incipit and the Karl Johan table lamp from New Works.

Swirl Suspension Light - Large - LZF - Do   Tull Suspension Light - Incipit - Do   Karl-Johan Table Lamp


For accessories which add a touch of flair try the Echasse vase from Menu, the Knotted Cherry container from Ghidini 1961 and the Souk mirror from Dooq.

Echasse Vase in Smoked Glass - Menu - Do   Knotted Cherry Container (Large) - Ghidini 1961 - Do   Souk Red Mirror - Dooq - Do