Stacking Vessels from Utopia & Utility

September 21, 2017

Heavenly Vessels

Stacking Vessels from Utopia & Utility

The trend for using mixed materials remains unabated and we are all for it, especially if the products are as beautiful and useful as the stacking vessels from Utopia and Utility.

Founders Pia and Moritz Wüstenberg have poured their passion for materials and craft into creating a series of vessels made of glass, wood, metal and ceramic which stack neatly on each other to form vase-shaped sculptures.  All materials are sourced from artisans and hand-made by craftsmen in small batches, making every product truly unique.

Stacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & UtilityStacking Vessels from Utopia & Utility


Utopia & Utility

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Product Inspiration

Enjoy the craftsmanship which went into creating the Mathilda chair from Moroso, the Lake rug from Golran and the Zumitz low table from Alki.
Mathilda Chair   Lake Rug - Shades of Blue   Zumitz - Low Table


All the lights from LZF are hand-crafted using natural wood veneer, such as the stunning Mini Mikado suspension light.  The Scraplights from Graypants, such as the Disc suspension light, are equally interesting as they are all handmade using recycled corrugated cardboard.  The Bowl table lamp from New Works combines wood and glass beautifully.

Mini Mikado Suspension Light  Scraplight Disc Suspension Light  Bowl Table Lamp


We love the use of wood and glass in creating the Oasi containers from Incipit.  Equally stunning is the Florida bowl, hand-crafted in brass from Ghidini 1961.  For a more artisanal touch try the Half Coil necklace from Eleanor Bolton.

Oasi Container   Florida Bowl  Half Coil Multi Necklace - Grey

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