Sofa So Good

The sofa is, without doubt, the focal point of the living room. Not only does it set the tone of the interior scheme, it is also one of the more expensive items of furniture you will purchase. It is therefore important to choose the right sofa that fits your style and also the right accessories to go with it.

Elegant Classics

You can't go wrong with a classically inspired sofa. Choose something with a refined, timeless design and bring it up to date with contemporary features. The Gentry Sofa from Moroso is a great example. We especially love the gentle curves of its back and arms, which make the sofa exceptionally comfortable and inviting. The Portofino Sofa from Ghidini 1961 references the traditional Chesterfield sofa, but with streamlined shapes and simplified details that make it look fresh. The Blink Coffee Table from Stellar Works would work well with either sota, its marble top adding a touch of discrete luxury. Top it all with the Petit Bijoux Pendant Lamp from Catellani & Smith for the perfect balance of opulence and elegance.


1. Gentry Sofa by Moroso | 2. Portofino Sofa by Ghidini 1961 | 3. Blink Coffee Table by Stellar Works | 4. Petit Bijou Pendant Lamp by Catellani & Smith

Sleek and Minimalist

Minimalism - utopia for some and a dirty word for others - is a style pursued by many but mastered by few. The trick to avoid creating a hospital waiting room by accident is to choose pieces with simple, sleek lines which also have intriguing forms that pique your interest. The Step Sofa from Viccarbe, for instance, may appear simple and blocky but has armrests and backs which look as if they are floating in mid-air. The Discipline Sofa from Stellar Works is another good example, its slender seat pad and solid wood platform base giving off distinct mid-century vibes. The Navarra Coffee Table from Boca do Lobo would make a great companion to a minimalist sofa. In the form of an irregular shaped marble slab with gold edges resting on two rectangular marble blocks, it would not look out of place in a cutting edge art gallery. The Hover Floor Light from Lodes, with its seemingly magically suspended lampshade and super slim stem, would be perfect for this design scheme.


1. Step Sofa by Viccarbe | 2. Discipline Sofa by Stellar Works | 3. Navarra Coffee Table by Boca Do Lobo | 4. Hover Floor Light by Lodes

Voluptuous Organic

Nothing quite beats the calming nature of, well, nature. Create a contemporary natural look at home by going wild with voluptuous shapes and organic textures. The Yeti Sofa from Missana might look as if it was upholstered with the fur of a shaggy beast, but its sleek curvaceous form actually makes it easy to fit in with most contemporary design schemes. Likewise the Forest Sofa from Scarlet Splendour with its back cushions that reference mountains and boulders. The Elephant Center Table from Collector, with its reassuringly chunky and shapely legs, would make a good match with these sofas. Add in the Scraplight Hive Suspension Light from Graypants and you have a room which brings nature home in an ultramodern way.


1. Yeti Sofa by Missana | 2. Forest Sofa by Scarlet Splendour | 3. Elephant Center Table by Collector | 4. Scraplight Hive Suspension Light by Graypants

Contemporary Casual

For many people, the living room is a space where you relax and chill out. To facilitate this you need sofas which are casual, comfortable and inviting. The Nebula Nine Sofa from Diesel Living ticks all these boxes - its outsized floppy cushions practically beg you to sink into it. The Altay Sofa from Coedition is another good example. The combination of chunky wood frame with soft scatter cushions makes this elegant sofa warm and welcoming. The Curtain Couch Coffee Table from Zeitraum, with its wavy wooden legs, and the Agatha Suspension Light from LZF, with its exuberant profusion of wood veneer curls, would complement the sofas well to create the perfect laid-back ambience.


Design Statement

For spaces designed to impress - a lofty entrance lobby, say, or the great room of a palatial residence - you need a sofa which makes a grand design statement. The Hug Curved Sofa from Collector can be configured as an enormous doughnut shaped sofa, perfect for encouraging social interactions. The Link Sofa from Sancal is composed of giant upholstered chain links which can be joined together in endless combinations to create unique seating landscapes. Large in scale and unique in form, both these sofas are guaranteed conversation starters. The Bonnie & Clyde Center Table from Dooq, carved out of a single piece of marble, is a suitably impressive coffee table which would go well with the sofas, as would the playful yet restrained Play Floor Light from Utu