Quiet Luxury - Showing Off Without Showing Off

After years of bling and other ostentatious displays of wealth, the fashion world has come full circle to embrace quiet luxury: all ultrasoft vicuña knitwear in minimalist silhouettes and understated handbags with nary a logo in sight. The underlying ethos is, in many ways, highly laudable. Purchases should be about quality (buy once, buy well etc) rather than showing off. Afterall, if you can afford shoes in ostrich leather, you probably don't need to impress anyone. Where fashion goes, taste in interior styles often follow. But how exactly does quiet luxury translate to the world of design? Here are the hallmarks to look for.

Look for products with well considered, timeless designs...

Timeless designs are not necessarily "classic" designs, but are designs so good that they stand the test of time. Take, for example, the Gentry Sofa from Moroso, its elegant shape and inviting upholstery projecting a sense of superior confidence; or the Oxbow Lounge Chair from Dare, its organic shape perfectly sculpted for maximum comfort. We also like the Link Suspension Light from LZF, a modern classic with its blend of restraint and exuberance, as well as the Showtime Chair from BD Barcelona Design with its spirit of contemporary masculinity.

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1. Gentry Sofa by Moroso | 2. Oxbow Lounge Chair by Dare | 3. Link Suspension Light by LZF | 4. Showtime Chair by BD Barcelona Design

...made with loving care by skilled craftsmen...

Sometimes, more than product design, it is great craftsmanship which makes a product unique and highly desirable. The design of the Lake Rug by Golran features an optical illusion of changing patterns as you move across the rug, an effect achieved by varying the height of the pile to create a sawtooth profile, with different colours on the two edges. This is the result of a sophisticated process executed meticulously by skilled craftsmen in Nepal. The handiwork of skilled craftsmen can also be glimpsed from the Fil de Fer Suspension Light from Catellani & Smith. What looks like a random jumble of wires is actually a highly specific design hand crafted by a few technicians who have specialised in making this light for the last few decades. We love the ceramic masterpieces of Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume, the design-makers behind Atelier Polyhedre. The Ancienne Key Vase is a great example of their work - a subtle, clever design combined with great craftsmanship to create a work of art that is surprising and delightful. Some say God is in the detail, and sometimes it is the smallest detail which is the most difficult to perfect. The super sleek design of the Bloom Icon Bar Cabinet from Milla&Milli may look simple from the outside, but the curvaceous bottom of the cabinet is actually made of solid blocks of walnut attached together and then carved to create a beautifully seamless finish in a highly laborious process. Who says minimalist designs do not require great craftsmanship?

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1. Lake Rug by Golran | 2. Fil de Fer Suspension Lamp by Catellani & Smith | 3. Ancienne Key Vase by Atelier Polyhedre | 4. Bloom Icon Bar Cabinet by Milla&Milli

...using premium quality materials....

Nothing says luxury as much much as the use of precious materials, especially when applied in a subtle way. Ghidini 1961 is a specialist in brass, a material they incorporate into most of their products. The Abbracci Sofa, for instance, sits on a glossy brass tube base which accentuates its welcoming shape. The use of mixed materials also works wonders. We love the use of different types of marble in the Playing Games Side Table from Dooq and the use of marble, walnut, metal, and crystal glass in the Champagne Bucket Stand from Nomon. Last but not least, who can resist the beauty of natural walnut, hand crafted into the sculptural form of the Colossus Console from Agrippa?

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1. Abbracci Sofa by Ghidini 1961 | 2. Playing Games Side Table by Dooq | 3. Champagne Bucket Stand by Nomon | 4. Colossus Console by Agrippa

...all the while loving the earth...

Products made with care for the environment may cost more than those mass produced using unsustainable materials, but it is a luxury well worth indulging in. We love the Conscious Chair 3162 from Mater, made using FSC wood with upcycled plastic and fibre waste. Zeitraum is a brand with sustainability at the heart of its operations. All their products, including the stunning Curtain Table, come with an innovative "furniture footprint" rating, which provides a high degree of transparency on the sustainability of each product. Eberhart focuses on small scale production using ethically sourced local materials. Their products, such as the Gaspard Dining Table, are deliberately simple and timeless, designed to last for generations. The Scraplight collection of lights from Graypants, such as the Scraplight Tilt Table Light, are not only made of repurposed corrugated cardboard, but are also produced in partnership with a social works programme to provide craft-based work for those who need it most. A great example responsible design, responsible materials and responsible production.


...as well as exuding comfort and generosity.

Regardless of design, materials or price, we feel that true luxury is a vibe. It is a spirit of generosity, a feeling of great comfort which, above all, makes you feel good. This is why we think the expansive Nebula Nine Sofa from Diesel Living is decadently luxurious. In the same vein, the Savina Modular Sofa from Viccarbe oozes comfort and luxury despite its restrained, minimalist design. We also find the way the Hygge Armchair from Collector and the Elle Mini Lounge Chair from Sancal embrace you in a soft, welcoming cocoon infectiously joyful. Now that's real luxury.

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