May 02, 2019

Prismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF Architects

Labyrinth Style

Prismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF ArchitectsHow to create visual interest in a small, minimalist space without sacrificing functionality? One intriguing solution, according to Moscow based SHKAF Architects, is to create a labyrinthian space with plenty of sharp angles and unexpected nooks, as this apartment in Moscow shows.

The front door of this 73 square metre apartment opens to a dim lobby, illuminated by a thin strip of light along the edge of a mirrored wall featuring a sleek mounted console. This is a clever design ruse which draws your attention towards the living room, which is dominated by a zig-zagging and sloping partition, its top never quite reaching the ceiling.

On one side of the partition is the lounge area, with an angular sofa sitting opposite a triangular floor cabinet, which looks as if the rest of it had disappeared behind the partition. Next to the sitting area is a compact kitchen and breakfast bar, its straight lines and right angles an unusual departure from the sharp angles in the rest of the apartment.

On the other side of the partition is a study area with a small desk and pouf, the latter appearing four times its size in the reflections from the mirrored walls. The desk overlooks a secluded lounging pad on a raised platform which no doubt makes for a great reading spot as well as an extra bed for visitors.

Lurking behind closed doors are a master bedroom featuring another sloping partition and a triangular wall-mounted bedside table, as well as two bathrooms. The partition walls throughout are painted white against the inky blue background walls, a simple and highly graphic colour scheme which accentuates the angular shapes.

This unusual design scheme creates a sense of dynamism and brings plenty of drama to a relatively minimalist space, whilst maintaining a sense serenity and order at the same time. Sharp angles have never looked so cool. 

Prismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF ArchitectsPrismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF ArchitectsPrismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF ArchitectsPrismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF ArchitectsPrismatic Apartment in Moscow by SHKAF Architects



SHKAF Architects


Product Inspiration

Create interesting sculptural shapes with angular furniture, such as the Rift sofa from Moroso, the Shanty cabinet from BD Barcelona Design and the Diamond collection from Boca do Lobo.

Rift Sofa - Moroso - Do  Shanty Cabinet - BD Barcelona Design - Do   Diamond Collection - Boca do Lobo - Do


Sculptural lights are great for making a statement in minimalist spaces. Try the Monaco suspension light from Utu, the Air table light from LZF and the Lampscapes Uphill floor light from Frederik Roije.

Monaco - Suspension Light - Utu - Do   Air Table Light - LZF - Do   Lampscapes Uphill Floor Light - Frederik Roije - Do


For bold accessories which stand out in angular spaces check out the Qucha vase from Moustache, the Souk mirror from Dooq and the Echasse bowl from Menu.

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