Priceous Air Jewellery by Eva Fernandez Martos

July 04, 2016

Precious Commodity

Priceous Air Jewellery by Eva Fernandez Martos

At a time when attention is focused on grand geopolitical issues it is easy to lose sight of the basic elements of life that we take for granted, such as the air we breathe in.  Mechanical engineer turned jewellery designer Eva Fernandez highlights the preciousness of air with an intriguing jewellery collection that imagines a world where air becomes a valuable commodity that needs to be carried around our bodies.  Hence necklaces, rings and bracelets made of inflated objects constrained and bound like enslaved sacs of air.  The premise might be fanciful but the end results are certainly striking and delightfully sculptural.

Eva Fernandez is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art (MFA in Jewellery and Silversmithing) and Priceous Air is part of her graduation project.

Priceous Air Jewellery by Eva Fernandez MartosPriceous Air Jewellery by Eva Fernandez Martos


Eva Fernandez Martos

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We love the sculptural quality of the Mini Clay tables from Desalto, which come in glossy finishes which shine like jewels.  The Bold chair from Moustache are equally sculptural but with an added sense of playfulness.



The folds and swirls of the Air table light from LZF makes it a standout addition to a desk or occasional table, whilst the Lampscapes suspension light from Frederik Roije turns the unmistakable form of ordinary lampshades into an abstract sculptural yet functional light.



The luxurious brass finish of the Butterfly coat rack from Ghidini 1961makes this highly sculptural design look very precious too.  We also like the simple sculptural quality of the Half Coil necklace from Eleanor Bolton.



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