December 28, 2016

Pod House by Nic Owens Architects


Pod House by Nic Owens Architects

Thinking of building an extension?  There are plenty of great design inspirations from this pod-like addition to a Victorian house in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Designed by local architect Nic Owen, the Pod House is a sleek extension grafted seamlessly to the back of a Victorian house, designed to create larger open-plan living areas for the owner's family of five.  The modern glass, steel and timber structure projects purposefully into the backyard, its broad eaves creating a sense of dynamism as well as providing shade.  A new timber deck dominates the garden, providing the perfect platform for outdoor entertaining. 

Inside the pod is a new open plan kitchen, dining and living space.  This benefits from plenty of natural light, the minimal decorations and use of natural materials amplifying the sense of space.  The original part of the Victorian house has been remodelled too, including the creation of a new master suite with a sun-drenched bathroom, thanks to a vast slanting glass roof.  This is a beautifully slick extension which shows how old and new can co-exist comfortably and stylishly.

Pod House by Nic Owens ArchitectsPod House by Nic Owens ArchitectsPod House by Nic Owens ArchitectsPod House by Nic Owens ArchitectsPod House by Nic Owens Architects


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Furniture in natural materials, especially wood, look great in light, airy spaces.  We love the simplicity of the Laia table from Alki, which would work well with Overdyed side chair from Diesel Living and the Longlegs shelves from Frederik Roije. 

Laia - Rectangular Table   Overdyed Side Chair  Longlegs Four Tables


With such large windows and so much natural light go for sleek and unobtrusive lights.  The Skylight Tower suspension light looks great in a group over the kitchen counter.  The Kizu table lamp in marble and glass from New Works is equally slick.  The Chou floor lamp from LZF is also a great choice.

Skylight Tower One   Kizu Table Lamp   Chou Floor Light - Large

We would go for accessories which are simple but impactful.  The super slick Cyclope standing mirror from Moustache is a good example.  The Italian brand Incipit has some beautifully sculptural accessories, such as the Sula carafes.  For a dash of flamboyance try the Tip Top tray from Ghidini 1961.

Cyclope Standing Mirror  Sula Carafe   Tip Top Flat Tray