Plisago Side Table by Studio Besau Marguerre

Pretty in Pleats

Plisago Side Table by Studio Besau Marguerre for FurstenbergHamburg based designers Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre have designed a beautifully poetic porcelain side table for Germany tableware brand Furstenberg.

The eye-catching design of the Plisago side table is inspired by opposites. The brittleness of porcelain is in contrast with the supple softness of fabric, hence the pattern of pleats which run down the side of the table like a billowing skirt that has been gathered around the waist. The design and manufacturing process is also full of contrasts. The young designers used a customised CAD software to create the design, which is then turned into reality by Furstenberg, one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Germany, using traditional craftsmanship techniques. The result is an intriguing side table that is strong yet delicate and full of personality.

Plisago Side Table by Studio Besau Marguerre for FurstenbergPlisago Side Table by Studio Besau Marguerre for FurstenbergPlisago Side Table by Studio Besau Marguerre for Furstenberg


Studio Besau Marguerre



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