Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO

Maximalist Melange

Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINOSometimes, in order to break free from the past you need to explore the past. This was the clever approach of PUNTOFILIPINO, a Madrid and Malaga based interior design firm which abhors minimalism and the "elegant austerity of mid-century modernism". There is certainly nothing minimalist in this wonderfully eclectic apartment they had designed in Milan.

The outstanding feature of this apartment is the skilful use of contrasting materials, colours and patterns. The top half of the kitchen walls are lined with dark red terracotta tiles, in contrast to the blue and white marble pattern on the bottom half of the walls and on the counters. An elegant band of fluted wood panelling separates the two, its corrugated pattern echoed in the wave-like doors of the cabinets.

The elegant arches which separate the rooms hint at the classic roots of the apartment. These have been lined with the same wild blue and white marble pattern, which adds a contemporary touch. The open plan dining and living room is a visual tour de force, enveloped in an evocative mural of a forest scene executed with expressive brush strokes which look almost like traditional Chinese ink paintings. Against this dramatic background are furniture and lights which more than stand their ground. There are distinct modernist and Memphis influences, especially in the dining room chairs with their decorative legs and disproportionately low backs and the tubular light above the bed.

In lesser hands, this melange of styles risks looking cluttered and disjointed. Here, the designers have successfully melded these contrasting features into a harmonious visual feast, full of surprise and delight at every turn.

Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO Past and Present Apartment in Milan by PUNTOFILIPINO





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