Mouldy Rugs by Lizan Freijsen

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Mouldy Rugs by Lizan Freijsen

Dutch artist Lizan Freijsen is obsessed with stains.  She also likes moulds, mossy lichens and other messy detritus of organic decay.  She sees beauty in these works of nature and has designed a series of rugs inspired their patterns and colours.  These rugs are oddly compelling and repulsive at the same time and challenges us to reassess our preconceptions of beauty.  Unusual way to decorate your floor or wall perhaps, but also delightfully thought provoking.

Mouldy Rugs by Lizan FreijsenMouldy Rugs by Lizan FreijsenMouldy Rugs by Lizan FreijsenMouldy Rugs by Lizan FreijsenMouldy Rugs by Lizan FreijsenMouldy Rugs by Lizan Freijsen


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Product Inspiration

The natural world is a great source of design inspiration, often with appealingly quirky results.  Try the jellyfish-like Meduse coffee table from Casamania, the seashell inspired Seatshell chair from Frederik Roije and the Toadstool sofa from Missana
Meduse Coffee Table - Low   Seatshell Chair Basic  Toadstool Sofa


Our selection of naturally quirky lighting include the Twee T suspension light from Casamania, the Dandelion suspension light from LZF and the Best Before OLED table light from Blackbody

 Twee T. Suspension Light - Large (Cage Only)   Dandelion Suspension Light  Best Before - Table OLED Light


Introduce an element of fun with nature-inspired accessories, such as the Goat mug portable coffee cup from Goat Story, the Crawl silicone container from Finell and the Clam vase from Sena Gu.

Goat Mug Portable Coffee Holder  Crawl Silicone Container with Lid   Clam Vase