Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects

December 21, 2017

Work-Life Balance

Kiah House by Austin Maynard Architects

The brief for Austin Maynard Architects is to extend and update a Victorian style weatherboard cottage in Melbourne in order to create a modern family home fit for both work and relaxation.  Increasing the amount of space was easy - an extension to the side of the original building to house the master bedroom with a slim volume for the office balancing on top saw to that, but to create the right vibe to suit entertainment, relaxation, meditation and work took more design ingenuity.  Here the architects let their creativity run wild and came up with numerous clever ideas.  

In order to control the level of privacy for the new master bedroom, the architects created multiple levels of barriers.  The bed can be screened off with two curtains, one sheer and the other heavy, both of which slide along tracks built into the ceiling and can be hidden out of sight in a wall compartment when not in use.  Sliding metal mesh screens across the floor-to-ceiling windows provide shade and protection even when the windows are open, whilst the metal louvres on the metal gate facing the street can be adjusted to provide additional privacy.  

The bathroom walls and bath are lined with reclaimed bricks, all painstakingly restored by hand.  A cover made of wooden slats can be laid over the bath to create an open shower.  The garden has been thoughtfully designed around a majestic gum tree with plenty of sculptural rocks to create a zen atmosphere.  We also like the splashes of colour such as the red spiral staircase leading up to the office and the mural on the wooden cladding of the office block.   

This is a dynamic and well considered extension which strikes the perfect balance between public and private as well as work and play. 

Kiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard ArchitectsKiah House by Austin Maynard Architects


Austin Maynard Architects

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Product Inspiration

Natural materials, neutral colours and soft textures are great for creating a tranquil vibe.  Try the Gentry sofa from Moroso, the Altay armchair from Coedition and the Egon coffee table from Alki.
Gentry 2-Seater Sofa  Altay Armchair - White Goatskin  Egon Coffee Table Oval


We love the soft light through the wood veneers of the LZF lights, such as the Stitches Djenne suspension light.  The Cave table lamp from Moustache and the Karl-Johan table light from New Works are also great for creating atmosphere. 

Stitches Djenné Suspension Light   Cave Table Lamp  Karl-Johan Table Lamp


For charmingly meditative accessories try the Barlume candleholder and vases from Incipit, the Chunk of Marble candle holder from Menu and the Baltazar candle from Andrej Urem

Barlume Candleholder and Vases Chunk of Marble - Candle Holder  Baltazar Candle

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